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Silent Sky, Theatre Pro Rata - Feb. 2019


"Charmingly played by Swanson, Peter's halting intimacy grounds the

science in humanity."

- The Star Tribune


"While it feels odd to give special praise to the only man in a cast

full of women, Carl Swanson brings welcome enthusiasm to an

environment that can seem a little academic."

- Pioneer Press


"Carl Swanson expertly depicts Henrietta's one-time love interest

Peter Shaw; I found his character absolutely maddening, but

Swanson finds a way to humanize him even in contrast to

modern expectations."

- Compendium


"Carl Swanson is Henri's charmingly awkward colleague and suitor."

- Cherry and Spoon

Bright Star, Lyric Arts - Sept. 2019


"Highlights in the cast include Carl Swanson as Alice's editor."

- Cherry and Spoon


"Swanson brings quick wit and sharp humor."

- Brett Talk


"Swanson provides comic relief with precision timing."

- Talkin' Broadway


If/Then, Lyric Arts - Sept. 2018


"Carl Swanson plays Lucas with disarming aplomb and bubbly humor​."

- Broadway World


"Carl Swanson, is very funny even if his character is a puzzle." 

- The Star Tribune


"Carl Swanson plays Lucas, I found him funny, complex, and likable."

- Play Off The Page


"Carl Swanson is funny and natural as Lucas." 

- Cherry and Spoon


Chess, Chameleon Theatre Circle - Dec. 2017


"Carl Swanson is great as Anatoly, and sings the heck out of this score."

Cherry and Spoon


"Swanson’s finest solo piece is the end of Act I, with the simply named “Anthem"

Twin Cities Arts Reader

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